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Sex & Mischief

5 Piece Restraint Kit - Red


All components made of red vinyl lined with soft material for a comfortable, sexy fit. Perfect for beginner or advanced restraint play. This five-piece beginner bondage kit includes 2 adjustable...

Sex & Mischief

Beginner's Handcuffs



A sexy set of handcuffs to thrill bondage beginners and bdsm dabblers. Attaching the the super soft, velvety cuffs that hold your playmate tight, there's a user friendly lobster clasp...

Sex & Mischief

Bondage Tape - Black


A perfectly playful bondage accessory, Sex & Mischief's Bondage Tape keeps your playmate in whatever position you see fit without sacrificing comfort, and without a sticky mess afterward. This great...


Etherea Silk Cuffs Black


Restrict everything but pleasure with two delicately woven silk restraints. With LELO's jacquard pattern on one side and soft suede on the other, they can be tied around ankles or...

Sex & Mischief

Intro to S&M Kit


To gently but convincingly introduce yourselves to the exciting pleasures of bondage play, Sex & Mischief's Intro to S & M Kit is just the thing. Inside you'll find all...

Sex & Mischief

Metal Handcuffs

Please Preorder

Nickel free metal handcuffs (85 gram weight) with quick release. Fully locking cuffs with metal keys included. Includes 1 pair of Nickel Free metal handcuffs with keys

Love Cuffs

Plush Cuffs


Naughty and oh so nice. These sturdy nickel-free metal cuffs are covered with soft fur. Fully locking cuffs with metal keys included. Made of Nickel free metal, polyester fabric

Hanky Panky

Signature Lace Vixen Cuffs


One Size

Let the games begin! Make the most of your playtime wearing these titillating lace cuffs with satin ribbon ties. Made of Hanky Panky's signature stretch lace and featuring a ribbon that ties the...

50 Shades of Grey Official Collections

Submit To Me Beginners Kit


Enjoy the helpless feeling of being restrained as 4 adjustable satin ties are wrapped around your wrists and ankles, passing through double D-rings as they tighten around you with a...

50 Shades of Grey Official Collections

Ultimate Control Handcuff Restraint Set


Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James. ""Oh, please." I beg, pulling on the restraints above my head as I...

50 Shades of Grey Official Collections

You Are Mine Metal Handcuffs


  Perfectly balancing an authentic bedroom bondage experience with the reassurance of imminent escape if required, You. Are. Mine. is a strong pair of lockable handcuffs with a safety mechanism...