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Bra Fitting

Bra Fitting & Sizing

Amazingly about 75% of women wear the wrong bra size which can result in unnecessary pain and discomfort. Fortunately we have the rewarding satisfaction of helping women daily to rectify that issue.  

Bra sizing is not an exact science. Different companies' bras that are supposed to be the same size will fit differently. Your size will fluctuate continuously over your lifetime so accept that fact and have your measurements checked every year and every time you try a new brand. Don't get hung up on the band or cup size. The key is the fit of each bra. All of the Scarlet team have been professionally trained to fit you perfectly every time. It's our job to make lingerie shopping fun so come in, relax and let us help you.  If you can't come into the store follow the simple steps below to help you at home.

 Measuring Your Band Size

Wear your favourite, best fitting, unpadded under wired bra. Measure underneath your bust line, it's best to do this in front of the mirror to make sure the tape measure is straight across your back and that you have the tape tightly against your skin. 

A couple of things to bear in mind;

It’s highly unlikely you will be an exact size so round the size up or down to the nearest inch (1.5cm). (Measurement 1)



Using this measurement refer to the table below to get your band size (it will be 4 -5” more)


 Measuring Your Cup Size

Measure around your bust at the fullest part, making sure that the tape measure is straight. Round up or down to the nearest inch. (Measurement 2)


Subtract the first measurement ( 1 ) from the second measurement ( 2 ). The difference is your cup size. Using the table below you can then get your cup size i.e. 2” difference is B cup.


Panty Sizing

Panties often follow dress sizes as their standard, however some designers do take some liberties and we have indicated where that applies. As with bra sizing there are various international sizing standards, please refer to the table below for your region.

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