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A Gentleman's Guide

Purchasing Toys?

Guys, if you are buying toys for your lady, she may joke about it but a toy will never replace the real love, affection and passion that you can offer. So relax. The key is that you share together and that it is another aspect of your overall relationship.

Purchasing a pleasure toy for a woman is probably the most intimate gift that anyone can ever buy. You are giving her something for her to experience in private on her own or to share with you in the most intimate of moments.

There are basically three kinds of vibrating toys. There are those designed to offer external / clitoral (c-spot) stimulation. Alternatively there are others which offer internal stimutation including those designed specifically for the g-spot. The third option is dual action toys which stimulate the C-spot and are used internally at the same time.

Things to consider are if she has used a toy before then your choices open up and you may look for something that is “internal” or “dual action” (internal and external). If this is her first toy or you are not sure, then take it easy and start with something from our “external” selection first. You can always buy something more adventurous later.

We focus on the quality of the items we offer, cherry picking only the best books, toys, lubes and lotions available, so you can be confident in your purchases. This way you save time on your research and you can both spend more time enjoying what you get.

No matter what the toy you buy always get some lubricant to use with it. Water based is always the safest choice to start.

Set the mood, you could add some massage candles or choose from our Kama Sutra kits which are wonderful for a couple to share. Scent and flavour help set the mood making you relax and slow you down, allowing the two of you to enjoy the experience even more.

Put the emphasis on giving her a wonderful overall experience, because if you do we can assure you it will pay back many times over.

Don’t forget, this is a gift so make sure to gift wrap and if possible get a card the little touches make a big difference. Now take the plunge and try something new. Remember it is always better to give than to receive.

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