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HEX Condoms - 3 Pack


HEX Condoms - 3 Pack

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The condom. It hasn't changed much in 150+ years... Until now! Introducing Lelo HEX: The world's first reinforced condom. Boasting a honeycomb structure, these condoms are super-strong and super-thin for top-notch protection which feels amazingly natural.



Nicknamed the "re-engineered condom", Lelo has taken inspiration from strong-yet-light structures found in nature and graphene* to create its innovative new prophylactic. With 350 interconnected hexagons which strengthen each condom, Lelo has been able to create an ultra-thin latex for greater connectivity and pleasure, which never compromises on protection.



*Graphene is the thinnest, strongest structure known to science. (We didn't know that either!)

  • Regular fit condoms re-engineered for better wear, better sensations and better protection
  • Unique 'HEX' honeycomb design strengthens latex and prevents major splits
  • Length 190mm. Nominal width 54mm. Average thickness 45 microns
  • Lightly lubricated with non-spermicidal lube for easy wear and use
  • Reservoir tip and natural fit offer protection you can barely feel