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Intense Sensation Studded Condoms


Intense Sensation Studded Condoms

3 Pack

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Durex Intense Sensation Studded condoms are made from latex and have a seriously textured shaft. Hundreds of raised studs are all lined up in rows for your added enjoyment.
When you and your partner are ready for some extreme texture, paired with reliability and durability, this is the right condom choice for you. Intense Sensations Studded condoms have been electronically tested for defects, are non-contoured, have a natural feeling silicone-based lubricant and feature a reservoir tip for added safety.

  • Length: 203.2 mm / 8"
  • Width: 50.8 mm / 2"
  • Diameter: 32.26mm / 1.27"
  • Circumference: 101.6 mm / 4"
  • Lubricant: Silicone based
  • Matieral: Silicone
  • Features: Reservoir tip, raised studs.