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NuBra Original


NuBra Original

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Free of any straps or side extensions, NuBra is a revolutionary invention that answers many women's prayers. Manufactured in the U.S., NuBra features two silicone gel bra cups with a reusable adhesive backing that is FDA approved.

Soft and comfortable, NuBra actually feels like a natural part of you. Using the special front closure, you can experiment to create different degrees of cleavage and lift, by positioning the cups closer or farther apart.

To wear, simply put on the NuBra cups, press and go! NuBra is easy to clean — all you need is a little gentle soap and warm water. Once rinsed, allow NuBra to dry — and the adhesive will amazingly regenerate. NuBra will stay securely in place, even if you perspire. Just follow the care instructions.

Nubra products are manufactured in California using a unique pressure sensitive medical adhesive that once washed, regenerates itself and offers the wearer up to 100 times of normal repeated applications. This specially formulated adhesive is FDA approved and has been clinically tested to be safe and skin-friendly.