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Nubra Seamless U - Nude


Nubra Seamless U - Nude

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NuBra Seamless U is the half cup design of the NuBra Seamless series. NuBra Seamless U allows the user to wear dresses, shirts or sweaters with a deep V cut in the front. This series has an elongated shape toward the outside of the bra cups that allows the users to experience more lift to the breasts when the bra is worn in a more vertical fashion. The NuBra Seamless U comes in two sizes, Small, and Large. Small size is designed for A and B cups. Large size is designed for C cups and up.

Nubra products are manufactured in California using a unique pressure sensitive medical adhesive that once washed, regenerates itself and offers the wearer up to 100 times of normal repeated applications. This specially formulated adhesive is FDA approved and has been clinically tested to be safe and skin-friendly.