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Submit To Me Beginners Kit


Submit To Me Beginners Kit

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Enjoy the helpless feeling of being restrained as 4 adjustable satin ties are wrapped around your wrists and ankles, passing through double D-rings as they tighten around you with a grip that doesn't slip. Tethering to the bed posts, or to one another, they hold you captive in anticipation of kinky play.

Next your sight is taken by the soft satin blindfold. Slipping over your head, the padded eye mask is held firmly in place by two lengths of elastic to prevent peeking. In darkness, your anticipation grows as you're left victim to your own imagination, awaiting whatever is to follow.
Finally, the soft caress of the paddle whip glides over your skin. Dual sided with silky satin and faux leather, each smack will awaken your body with a warm glow that resonates throughout your erogenous zones.

Box Contents: 4 easy-tie bondage restraints, 1 No Peeking black satin blindfold, 1 Twitchy Palm satin and faux leather spanking paddle & satin storage pouch

  • Each bondage restraint each measure 52.5" in length
  • Material: Polyester