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Tenga Eggs


Tenga Eggs

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Tenga Eggs are a huge experience in a tiny little container. Just pop open the egg, pour in the lubricant, and away you go! Able to stretch to longer than 12 inches long and 3 inches wide, Tenga Eggs are discreet sexual partners for you to enjoy anywhere.

With careful use and cleaning, you can re-use your Tenga Egg, or throw away when you're finished - a true love 'em and leave'em experience. They're also great for incorporating with partners, and they make thoughtful gifts before you go away or quirky gift exchange surprises.

How to use: Peel the outer layer like you would a hard-boiled egg and pour in the lubricant. Place over penis and stroke. 

  • "Regular Strength" Tenga Eggs are the originals! They are: Clicker, Silky, Spider, Stepper, Twister, & Wavy.
  • "Hard Boiled" Tenga Eggs are made with stronger materials, for stronger sensations! The eggs are: Cloudy, Crater, Misty, Shiny, Surfer & Thunder.
  • To clean: Use warm water with anti bacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner 
  • Designed for one time use but if cleaned well can get 2 to 4 uses out of them
  • If planning to re-use clean carefully, dry completely, and store in egg container. 
  • Material: Elastomer
  • Colour: Clear white (Lover pattern clear transparent)
  • Size: Stretches to 12” long and 3” wide
  • Texture: Varies internally, smooth exterior